Red Wine Poached Cranberries

Poached Cranberries are the most eye-catching garnish you can  put on your holiday plates or platters. They look like shiny red jewels, unless you would rather have them frosted with a light coating of granulated sugar. I like them either way. It’s a simple process: just take a box of fresh cranberries and toss them into a skillet of red wine syrup made with equal parts red wine and sugar. There’s no water in the recipe so they keep for weeks in a plastic container in the refrigerator. So if you make them for Thanksgiving, make enough to last until Christmas.



Red Wine Poached Cranberries - BP6c

Shirl Gard
Servings 1


  • YIELD: About 2 pints

  • 340 grams fresh cranberries One 12-ounce package

  • 375 grams red wine or half red wne and half ruby port
  • 375 grams granulated sugar

  • 1090 grams = Total 38 ounces 2 lb. 6 oz.


  • Pick over the cranberries and discard any bruised or discolored berries. Wash and drain.
  • Bring wine and sugar to a boil in a large 12-inch skillet. Add cranberries, turn heat down and simmer 30 seconds, or until the berries just begin to pop.
  • Lift poached cranberries out of hot liquid onto a sheetpan to cool, using a small strainer for lifting. When poached, refrigerate cranberries while the wine syrup is cooling. When both are cool, put the berries in plastic containers and pour the wine syrup over them. The cranberries will intensify the color of the syrup as the mixture sits in the refrigerator.
  • Use for garnishing desserts.


Recipe created by Shirl Gard
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