Dark & Shiny Chocolate Glaze
This Dark & Shiny Chocolate Glaze is perfect for glazing individual desserts or cakes, as well as glazing a special Palet d'Or (chocolate mousse cake). Because it contains both pectin and gelatin, once the glaze gets cold, it sets up, creating a beautiful shiny finish for cakes and desserts. The recipe calls for a homemade Translucent Pectin Glaze, which is a quick-to-make thickening agent that can be used hot right after making, so make this first. If the recipe makes more than you need, refrigerate or freeze the balance for another project, such as thickening a dessert sauce, or glazing a fresh fruit tart. The basic procedure for making this glaze is like a ganache, where you pour hot liquid over chopped chocolate, and stir until it melts.

YIELD: ABOUT 1350g (3 lb) GLAZE

  • 300 grams sugar (1½ cups)
  • 100 grams cocoa powder, such as Valrhona (1 scant cup)
  • 550 grams Translucent Pectin Glaze (separate recipe) (2 cups + 2 Tablespoons)
  • 225 grams heavy cream
  • 15 grams gelatin sheets (6 sheets)
  • - Or 15g (1½ Tablespoons) Knox powdered gelatin, softened in 45g (3 Tablespoons) cold water
  • - Note: When using powdered gelatin, the water goes into the recipe. When using gelatin sheets, the water gets squeezed out.
  • 300 grams bittersweet chocolate 60%, such as Ghiradelli, chopped

  • 1490 grams = Total 52 oz (3# 4 oz)

  1. WHISK sugar and cocoa until well blended.
  2. STIR Translucent Pectin Glaze and the heavy cream in a large saucepan, using a whisk.
  3. POUR in the sugar / cocoa gradually, continuing to stir slowly and gently with a whisk. The idea is not to whisk too much air into the glaze creating bubbles. Bring to a boil.
  4. SOFTEN the gelatin sheets in cold water for 10 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and melt in microwave for 30 seconds at full power.
  5. ADD gelatin to the boiling liquid, stirring to make sure it completely dispersed in the liquid. Remove from heat.
  6. PLACE chocolate in large bowl and pour the hot liquid over the chocolate. Let rest for 5 minutes, then stir with a circular motion, as if making ganache, until chocolate is melted and smooth.
  7. USE a hand blender to completely emulsify the glaze, making it even smoother and look very "Dark & Shiny".
  8. STRAIN glaze through a fine mesh strainer to remove as many air bubbles as possible, as air bubbles are not desirable when glazing a cake or desserts. You can also tap the bowl on the counter to help remove air bubbles.
  9. TEMPERATURE IS IMPORTANT: The working temperature of this glaze is 95° F (35° C). Also, it's important that the cake or dessert be frozen when glazing, preferably frozen overnight. Caution: Don't allow the glaze to go above 100° F (38° C) when glazing, or the dessert will start to melt and the glaze will just slide off.
Recipe Ancestry Notes:
This is a recipe that I created from several professional glaze recipes that I have used in the past, with the goal of creating something that would be easy to make in a home kitchen, including mine.